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From: Jennifer Watts


Dear friend,

Hi, I am Jennifer Watts and am a natural health enthusiast and previously suffered from the agonies of strep throat for seven long years.

For a few short minutes, I wish to convey some information that will permanently cure your strep throat.

I wish to share this BRAND NEW discovery.

First, there are two things you need to know….

1.)  Very few natural remedies for strep throat exist

2.)   Antibiotics and Painful Surgeries aren't the best answer for the elimination of chronic strep throat

First, you need to be warned that there are a lot of bad recommendations on the Web.

You are lucky when you discover good advice by a person that has taken the time and effort to research a topic. The best part is that you have discovered it!

Honestly, I have discovered an effective and safe, completely natural method of treating strep throat permanently, without the pain or inconvenience of antibiotics and surgery.


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Consider these…


Want a Permanent Solution for your Strep Throat?

Want a Permanent Solution to your Young One’s Strep Throat?

Want to find out the Reason why you Consistently suffer from Strep Throat?

Want to know why it keeps coming back, over and over again?

Want to get rid of those antibiotics you keep taking?

Do you Wish to Avoid the Surgical Procedures?

Want to Stop having those White Spots in your Throat?

Want to get rid of the Bad Breath which often comes with Strep Throat?

Want something to Soothe the Constant Pain while Swallowing and Drinking?

Want to End those Infections that Always Arrive at Terrible Times?

Do you wish to banish strep throat once and for all?

My Solution Can Help!

Did you answer YES to these questions? If you did, I am here to offer help.

Through seven years of trial and error, I discovered a 100% natural cure that is guaranteed to Eliminate Strep Throat

What Exactly Are the Symptoms Associated with Strep Throat?

Strep Throat is simply an infection of the tonsils and larynx, usually caused by a virus or bacteria. It is common in both adults and children.

Two essential types of this infection exist. The first is bacterial, caused by one of the streptococcus bacteria. A viral infection is the other type and can create a sore throat and possible fever.

Strep Throat Commonly Comes with a Few Symptoms


·       Painful drinking and swallowing

·       White spots on the throat or tonsils

·       Tonsils which are tender and swollen

·       A fever

·       The throat and jaw are tender

·       Earache and headache

·       Terrible breath

The Lie

I want to tell you something that you should think about and consider for yourself. Our Western medicine and doctors have taught us that taking a bunch of drugs can cure any illness, no matter what.

They constantly tell us our health will improve if we take this drug or that drug. Do you believe they  provide all the cures they promise, or do you think the drug companies want us returning again and again for more drugs?

All these medications piled into our system leave us unhealthy and do not attack the reason for the infection; they only hide the symptoms for a short time. Eventually, your strep throat becomes immune to all these drugs and comes back stronger and more often. And what solution do doctors give you? More drugs.  

And another solution they offer is painful throat surgery. It costs thousands for any surgical procedure, even with insurance. Would you rather have your throat cut open or an easy, natural solution?

I am pretty sure I know your answer.

My strep throat story...

 For years and years, I had to deal with painful reoccurrences of my strep throat

Every few months, my tonsils and throat would swell. It became hard to eat or even swallow. I would get swollen glands, fever and headaches from the infection.

In my mouth, the tonsils would swell up and I’d get these nasty white blotches on the tonsils.

Generally, I am a pretty healthy and normal person. My diet is healthy and I get regular exercise. I maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.

So that is why I couldn't figure out what was causing this reoccurring infection every few months

Every time I went to the doctor’s office, she would just give me a pile of drugs. I would take them for a couple weeks, the symptoms would disappear, but, like clockwork, strep throat always came back. Every time.

 Childhood Strep Throat

When I was a child, my strep throat infections were more common and painful. I didn’t mind so much then because I got to miss a few days of school every couple months. I loved it.

I never believed it was strange or unusual back then, and neither did my parents. We just considered it a regular problem that happened to children.

This meant that, since I was a kid, I had been ingesting piles and piles of drugs.

About three or four times a year, I would take bunches of these antibiotics. I didn’t know better then, but if you consider this normal, it is not.

There had to be an answer to why I kept getting these reoccurring strep throat infections. The problem was, no one I knew was getting these constant infections.  

I thought it was just me and my body and that was that.

Antibiotics Stop Working

It took me two more years to discover that all those antibiotics were not helping me. I would finish my course of antibiotics and wait for the infection to disappear…but it would not.

It felt horribly painful. Strep throat hurts and when I stopped getting any relief from antibiotics, it just got worse and worse. I started to panic.

A doctor explained that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics and become “superbugs” which are bacteria that can withstand even the strongest drugs. This angered me. I wish they had told me this before I spent years taking all those antibiotics.

What was I supposed to do?

I decided that I needed to find the cause and cure for my strep throat without the reliance on antibiotics and other drugs. I was on a mission.

Throat Surgery as an Option

I asked my doctor to recommend myself to an Ears, Nose and Throat specialist

The ENT examined me and heard my case history, then told me tonsil surgery was my only other option to end these incidents of strep throat.

I knew that surgery was a bad idea. First, they scare me to death. Second, I understood it was not needed. All the risks and little gain meant surgery was a terrible idea.

I decided then to discover an alternate solution to cure my reoccurring strep throat infection. One that was natural and one that didn’t involve a bunch of drugs and surgery.

I Visited Natural Therapists

I wanted to get some opinions from a few natural health professionals. I decided to speak with a Naturopath and he prescribed me some antiseptic herbal drops and a mixture made of herbs to fight off the strep throat.

At first, I believed this was the answer I was looking for because my strep throat disappeared after two weeks. I was delighted at finding a cure and not relying on taking antibiotics anymore. I had the answer at last!

But a few months afterwards, I started getting a sore throat again. Soon the symptoms were back and I had strep throat.

I was back to where I started…

It didn’t work like I wanted, but I couldn’t deny that it worked a little. At least for a few weeks, I was free of symptoms without taking any antibiotics. I knew I was on the right track.

Since I refused to take drugs again, I decided to try again and visit another naturopath.

The therapist offered me some whey powder, to add protein to my system and make my immune response stronger.

I tried this, but after just a few days, I started to feel very sick. With painful cramps and nausea, I knew the whey powder wasn’t working, so I got off it.  

Thousands for my Medical Costs

At that point I decided to add up the medical costs I accumulated from purchasing drugs, consulting my doctors and specialists and all the treatments from the natural therapists. I was shocked to discover that I had spent thousands with no real results to show.

That does not include all the costs on my body of all the drugs I have taken through the years.

I was a little closer to discovering the cure for my getting rid of my strep throat once and for all, I knew, but not close enough.

I decided to try another tactic and investigated Traditional Chinese Medical Remedies.

My cousin recommended a herbalist that she visited when she was having a hard time conceiving. She attempted to get pregnant for a decade and even tried fertility treatments, but nothing worked for her. Then she visited the herbalist and after a couple of visits, she was soon pregnant. Now, she’s got a healthy boy.

If the herbalist was that good, I decided to go see him.

Finally the Cure for My Strep Throat

I sat with the herbalist and he started to examine my throat. At first he didn’t say anything, only looked.

I hoped that finally he would end all my problems and difficulties with strep throat. After seven years, I was REALLY hoping.

I waited anxiously for a diagnosis.

Finally he did. He asked some simple questions concerning my food intake and the history of my strep throat problems.

Then he gave me the diagnosis I was hoping for…and even better, he gave me the cure. I was astonished.

He OPENED MY EYES TO ALL THE THINGS I HAD BEEN DOING INCORRECTLY over the years and how the answer was so simple it was staring me right in the face.

I only needed to follow a simple DO IT YOURSELF guide that uses natural medicine to attack the cause of strep throat. I followed his easy instructions…and have never had strep throat again.

He taught me that I didn’t need to fork out tons of money on treatment products or herbs. In fact, the cure can be had using ingredients from the home. I was both inexpensive AND convenient.

At first I thought it so good it could not be real. But after all I had gone through I decided to give it a go.

After that single appointment, I have never had strep throat again.

No pain, no discomfort, no sore throat…nothing after that day.




Angelette Gore - Washington, United States


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Do you Want the Solution to Making Strep Throat Disappear Forever?

I have kept this strep throat secret to myself for too long. Way too long.

It took me thousands of dollars in research and visits to finally discover this natural cure for Strep Throat.

Seven years of effort and countless self experimentations. Tons of medications and concoctions all tested on me, just to get rid of my strep throat.

If only someone had told me about all this earlier, I would not have gone through all my hardships. And now I want to share it with you.

This solution is easy, simple and 100% natural.

Stick with my solution and you will say goodbye to strep throat permanently.




Get your own copy by following this link…with a 100% guarantee or your money back!

Do you Want the Solution to Making Strep Throat Disappear Forever?

I have kept this strep throat secret to myself for too long. Way too long.

It took me thousands of dollars in research and visits to finally discover this natural cure for Strep Throat.

Seven years of effort and countless trial and error. Tons of drugs and herbs all tested on me, just to get rid of my strep throat.

If only someone had told me about all this earlier, I would not have gone through all my hardships. And now I want to share it with you.

This solution is easy, simple and 100% natural.

Stick with my solution and you will say goodbye to strep throat permanently

Here is a quick sample of what my book contains…

"A Natural Cure for Strep Throat"

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In the book “A Natural Cure for Strep Throat” you will discover these secrets:

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The truth about the side effects of taking antibiotics for long periods of time.

SECRET #2. Learn how to prevent and terminate strep throat infection in children with natural methods

Learn to tell the difference between strep throat and a simple sore throat?

Learn the Western medical strategies that are used to treat strep throat

SECRET #3. Top ten TERRIBLE FOODS that provoke Strep Throat.

Learn how to tell if your baby has strep throat

SECRET  #4. Discover which foods are best to prevent and cure strep throats

Learn the reasons why children often develop strep throat more frequently than adults.

Learn the reasons that throat surgery is not the best answer for frequent episodes of strep throat

Learn why the throat and tonsils are such an integral part of the functioning body

Learn the long-term effects of having surgery

SECRET #5. Learn an easy trick you can perform right before going to bed to prevent and eliminate your strep throat.

Discover which herbs that you can buy in any grocery store that will cure your strep throat infection.

Read about some tea recipes that help cleanse and soothe the pain from a strep throat

Discover the liquid home remedy that you can gargle to disinfect your throat

SECRET  #4. A simpler recipe for curing strep throat is made of ingredients that can be purchased for little than TWO DOLLARS at any grocery store

Discover how long a strep throat infection can last

You will learn if strep throat is contagious and also hygienic habits that end the spread infections

SECRET # 5. Learn why you repeatedly get those annoying white patches on your throat and how to easily eliminate them. 

Discover what tonsil stones are and how you can eliminate them permanently

And Much More...

You need to ask yourself how much good health is worth to you…

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For those that want an answer for strep throat, this book is a one stop treatment .


John Benitez

Certified Practioner


Download the Book Immediately

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This Book Might Save You from Having Unnecessary Tonsil Surgery

Our bodies need our tonsils to function properly, and cutting into your tonsils with surgery is not the best answer for strep throat.

I hope that you carefully read this book before you even think about getting a tonsil surgery. Not only will it save you money, but you will also prevent the unnecessary risks of throat surgery.

Get rid of that annoying strep throat today!

 You can feel absolutely safe ordering, since my website is 100% secure and safe using 128 bit SSL Encryption through PayPal.



Anna Rawat, New Delhi - India


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This Book is Safe For Adults and Children

The solutions in this book are safe for both children above 5 years of age and adults. All the tips and recommendations are safe and natural and will help anyone get rid of painful strep throat.


Don’t You Want to Get Rid of Strep Throat Now??

Take action today and say GOODBYE TO STREP THROAT!

Thanks for reading,


Jennifer Watts

Ex-Strep Throat sufferer

For any questions please contact me at this email

Jennifer Watts

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